Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Axeman Speaks 9-26-09

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Greetings, wrestling fans! I know, it's been two months since I last updated. I have been majorly busy. To those who have called and emailed (all four of you) wanting to know why I have not updated, I apologize!

I am extremely happy to read that my favorite lady wrestler in the whole world, Lacey Von Erich, has signed with TNA. I can hardly wait to see her on Impact as a member of The Beautiful People. She's gonna be a great addition to the TNA Knockouts division.

I saw the pictures Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock posted on Wrestling News Center a while back about his summer vacation to Las Vegas. Rodney Grimes, an ATM machine, and a few Vegas skanks... that's all it takes to entertain Hollywood for a week! Lol...

I see where XOW is going to start doing TV. Good for them! I think it will work out very well for them. They have an excellent time slot, and they are putting on good shows. The XOW broadcast will be airing on WPXX/My50 Memphis, starting October 10th, at 12:00 noon. Check it out!

Let's talk about EPW.... Much has been written over the past six weeks or so about EPW. All I will say is this: EPW is alive and well and having shows every Saturday night in Booneville. Those who attempted to hurt this promotion actually helped them. Those who quit - well, good riddance. EPW is having some very good shows week after week, and has added a number of new workers to their talent roster. If you have not attended an EPW show in a while, you should. It will be worth the time. Also, EPW decided to pull the plug on their weekly TV broadcast recently, but stay tuned, EPW will eventually be going back on TV. I will have more information later on.

On to TFW.... I have received several calls and emails asking if it is true that I really quit TFW. The answer is... YES... sort of. I simply have too much on my plate right now to be booked every Friday and Saturday night. So, yes, I have finished up at TFW, for now at least. I will attend TFW shows as often as I can. I have told them that, if I am there and they want me to announce, I will be glad to... but I am no longer booked there every Friday night. And, yes, I will eventually be finishing up at EPW also, but I am not saying when yet.

I have found out about something that happened to Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock while he was on his vacation trip to Las Vegas. Here's the story: Hollywood was in a bar when he suddenly realized he desperately needed to fart. The music was really, really loud, so he timed his farts with the beat. After a couple of songs, he started to feel better. He finished his drink and noticed that everybody was staring at him. Then he suddenly realized that there was no music playing in the bar and he was listening to his iPod.

Lillian Garcia has finished up on RAW. This classy lady has graced the WWE ring on Monday nights for around 10 years, and she will be missed. I don't care who they replace her with, they will not do the job like Lillian did. I am glad WWE gave her a first class send-off. She deserved it. Prediction: Lillian will be back in the WWE from time to time for special occasions - maybe not real soon - but it will happen.

From the You Can't Fix Stupid department, here are a couple of actual headlines:

"County to Pay $250,000.00 to Advertise Lack of Funds". The story goes on to say, "Lane County will spend up to $250,000.00 this year publicizing its tight financial picture, in hopes the voters will approve higher taxes...." Yep, that's stupid, lol.

"Volunteers Search for Old Civil War Planes". Hmmm... Civil War Planes... I am eager to see how that search works out, lol.

"Statistics Show That Teen Pregnancy drops off Significantly After Age 25". Well... Who'd of thunk it? LOL....

That will do it for this edition of The Axeman Speaks. Whether you love me or hate me, thanks for reading this column. If you have feedback, good or bad, email me at axemanchopchop@yahoo.com.

The Axeman has spoken.