Monday, August 15, 2011

The Axeman Speaks 8-15-11

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Greetings, wrestling fans! Two subjects to cover in this column, so here we go....

The top photo above is a copy of the poster for the Mississippi Championship Wrestling show this Saturday in Kosciusko, MS. Notice anything strange about this poster? The WWE Smackdown logo is used right in the middle of the poster, yet this is NOT a WWE show. The official name of the show is "1st Annual SmackDown in K-Town". I wonder if the powers that be in MCW got permission to use the Smackdown name and logo from the powers that be in WWE? Hmmm....

The poster also advertises Brian Christopher as being from WWE, which, to the best of my knowledge, he is not.

Now, I am not downing the show or any of the wrestlers they are using. I am just questioning two of the tactics they are using to promote the show. Frankly I wish MCW well with their show. They just need to be careful how and what they advertise.

OK, on to the second subject, recent WWE releases....

Gail Kim, Melina, Vladimir Kozlov, Chris Masters, and David Hart Smith were all recently released by WWE. However, Gail Kim later said she was being kept under contract by WWE until her contract expires.

OK, Kozlov, Masters, and Smith were not major players and will not be missed. They made no significant contribution to WWE.

Melina, on the other hand, is an extremely talented female wrestler, and I am surprised to see WWE release her. Oh, I know she has been injured, but still, she is a talented and attractive athlete, and, unlike so many WWE Divas, she can WORK! WWE's loss is, I sincerely hope, TNA's gain!

Gail Kim falls into that same category. Gorgeous and talented, she was never used right by WWE since they re-signed her. She should have had a major push, but instead got the major shaft. Again, WWE's loss will, I hope, be TNA's gain eventually.

Also, eight developmental talents were released from Florida Championship Wrestling by WWE, among them a female wrestler named Sonia. Now, I am rather surprised that not many posts or comments were made on the various message boards about the release of Sonia, which is the name WWE gave to Su Yung when she was signed to a WWE developmental contract. Now, I have no idea what her plans are, but I do hope she returns to this area and that we do see her involved in wrestling around here again. She is talented and gorgeous.

That's all for now. I will be back in a couple of weeks, because I have some stuff on my mind about the TFW organization I want to talk about.

The Axeman has spoken.