Monday, August 10, 2015

The Axeman Speaks 8-10-2015

My grandkids having fun Saturday. I am so blessed!

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Greetings Axmaniacs! This column will address one thing that has been on my mind lately. So... Let's talk about Lana!

We all remember when Lana debuted in WWE as the manager/valet for the evil Rusev. But shortly after that, fans started to cheer for her. Much of it (about 99%) was due to the fact that she is drop dead gorgeous, plus the fact she also has a great deal of charisma.

Then WWE, in all their infinite wisdom, came up with an idea. They split up Rusev and Lana. They paired Lana up with Dolph Ziggler, of all people. That entire angle was stupid, to say the least. Anyway, WWE was reportedly positioning the beautiful Lana for a big push. Now, however, it appears that WWE may have dropped that idea in favor of giving Eva Marie the big push. Lana's push will reportedly be scaled back.

Really? REALLY?! To that I say BULLSHIT! This is the most mind blowing, stupid, ridiculous thing WWE has ever done. Eva Marie is a joke. She can't wrestle her way out of an Alabama mud puddle! The girl can't work. She has very little, if any, charisma. So the powers that be in WWE reportedly believe they should give her a push instead of Lana. Unbelievable!

Think about it. In my last column I mentioned WWE really improving and strengthening the Divas Division with Charlotte, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks all called up to the main roster. The Divas division looks great! It is enjoyable to watch ladies wrestle in WWE again. Then you have Naomi, Tamina, and The Bella Twins and a couple of others - now the Divas Division has so much to offer, so much talent (I do wish AJ Lee was still around to be a part of what is going on). Then there is Eva Marie. Does Eva Marie have the talent that the aforementioned ladies have? NO! Eva Marie does not even belong in the ring with them. Not yet. Maybe never.

Can Lana wrestle? I don't really know, I will admit that. I suspect she can. However, it is obvious the fans want to see Lana. They want to see Lana in the ring. I don't ever remember anyone in any WWE crowd chanting, "We want Eva Marie." But every week it is, "We want Lana!" WWE, however, does not appear to be listening. That is a shame. However, it is not the first time WWE has killed off something the fans wanted in favor of something or someone who WWE wants the fans to want.

So, all you Lana fans out there, and I am one of them, enjoy the small amount of camera time Lana will be getting when she comes out and beats up what's her name... You know, Rusev's new stooge, I think they call her Summer Rae or something like that, who also has no talent or charisma.

Some say maybe WWE will go ahead and give Lana the push in an angle with Summer Rae. The two seem to have a catfight every week. Frankly, I hope so! Maybe Lana will eventually get that big push. However, we must remember, it is WWE.

We will just have to wait and see what WWE has planned. I hope the folks at WWE use their brains.

The Axeman has spoken.