Monday, December 24, 2012

The Axeman Speaks - December 24, 2012

The opinions expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Wrestling News Center, the Webmaster, or anyone else connected with this site.

Isaiah 9: 6-7 (KJV)
"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this."

I want to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very merry Christmas. That's right, I said Christmas, not happy holidays, not season's greetings. This year, let's remember the reason for the season, Jesus Christ.

Jesus has been kicked out of our schools. We can't even have a nativity scene in a public place any more. It has been said that The United States of America is no longer a Christian nation. How sad. Our country - not just our country, but our world - is becoming a darker and more evil place every day.

Christ has been largely removed from Christmas and been replaced with Santa, shopping, presents, partying, commercialism, and so on. Now, there is nothing wrong with any of these things, as long as we keep them in proper perspective. They are fun. None of these things, however, can replace Jesus.

So this Christmas I hope all of you will include Jesus when you celebrate. He is the light that shines in the darkness of our world. We need Him now more than ever.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Axeman Speaks December 12, 2012

My oldest grandchild, Isaak holding my youngest grandchild, Ella.
I have been truly blessed.

The opinions expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Wrestling News Center, the Webmaster, or anyone else connected with this site. They are mine, and mine alone, unless otherwise stated. If you agree with me, OK, and if you don’t, that’s OK. Either way, you're gonna read this, and that's what is important.

Wow, two columns in one week. Now how unusual is that? This one will be short and to the point.

Every year WNC allows our readers to nominate wrestlers, announcers, referees, etc. for the end of year awards. Nominations are made by our readers, NOT the WNC staff.  The top 3 or four nominees in each category are then posted at wrestling news center, where our readers can vote on them. The top vote getter in each category is, of course, the winner, Again, the winners are NOT selected by the WNC staff.

Every year there is some hot headed, shit stirring, trouble making IDIOT who posts something negative on the board about the WNC awards. This year is no different. The following was posted on the Southern Territory WrestleBoard by someone who, of course, posted anonymously:

"wnc is a biased and friend based website. There our many great wrestlers, and tag teams, as well as gimmciks. But yet, the asylum is in numerous categories. Horrible in ring work, horrible gimmicks, yet they always win. That's just an example. Promotion of the year? Now crossfire, saw, Tcw ect. But country ass hick town Outlaw shows. All Of the "workers" get together and vote for each other. It's a bunch of hicks nominating themselves, and then voting for themselves. Simple"

LOL, this post was obviously made by an illiterate fool who has no knowledge of grammar, punctuation, or spelling. Be that as it may, this idiot has made several other mistakes.

First of all, WNC is not biased against any organization. We post news and information from any and all organizations who want the coverage. 

Next, like I said before, THE READERS nominate in each category. The readers vote for the winners. With the voting system WNC uses, it is not possible to vote more than once from the same computer. So how does that make WNC biased? Now, I agree, there are many talented tag teams and wrestlers out there. However, only a few were nominated. How does that make WNC biased? There are many good promotions out there, but only a handful were nominated. So how does that make WNC biased?

Bottom line: If you are not happy with the nominees this year, that's too bad! Perhaps you should have gotten up off your rosey red rear and sent in some nominations yourself, instead of whining about who was nominated. Are you pissed because you were not nominated? Well, like I said, the readers (fans) do the nominating, so maybe you should stop whining and trying to piss people off, and go find some fans of your own who care enough about your miserable carcass to nominate you! Oh, and if you do not like the way the voting is done, stop bitching about it and suggest a better way.

The Axeman has spoken. 

Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Axeman Speaks 12-10-2012

My granddaughter, Harley, playing with her toys - I am so blessed!

The opinions expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Wrestling News Center, the Webmaster, or anyone else connected with this site. They are mine, and mine alone, unless otherwise stated. If you agree with me, OK, and if you don’t, that’s OK. Either way, you're gonna read this, and that's what is important.

Greetings, my fellow wrestleholics! It has been too long, I know, since I last posted an update to this column. Hey, guys, I been busy! But I have some stuff on my mind, so here we go with more ramblings from an old wrestling announcer. I just call it like I see it! So, here we go!

OK, I am getting text messages and emails and calls wanting to know why I am parting ways with EPW. Rumors are already starting that I was fired. Simply NOT true. This has been planned for several months. So, here it is, straight from me to you. I have no heat with anyone from EPW. I have no heat with Edith. I have no heat with the booker. I have announced in Booneville for years, way back since the days of MCWA. I have loved it. However, things change, circumstances change. Fact is, I have announced just about every weekend, sometimes two or three times in one weekend, for a very long time. It is simply time to step back and devote my time to other priorities, especially my grandkids. I have five grandkids and one on the way, and I simply do not want to be booked to announce every weekend any more. I also want to be able to travel around to different shows once in a while and do write-ups for Wrestling News Center. So, does this mean I am not going to announce again? NOPE! If I happen to be at a show and they ask me to announce, I will be happy to for a reasonable fee. Just won't be doing it every weekend. One thing I do intend to do is help Magnificent Ladies Wrestling up in Memphis. I plan on being at most of their tapings and helping Darrell and his crew in any way I can. So, as you can see, I am still in circulation, just slowing down some. So there you have it, nothing more, nothing less.

Speaking of Magnificent Ladies Wrestling, go to and check out the line-up of ladies coming in for the next taping in January. You can order custom matches with these ladies (and/or guys) - order it YOUR way - you can call the shots, you can decide exactly what you want in your match. Order now, because there is a limit to the number of custom matches they can do in one session. There are also hundreds of great ladies matches available for download, so check the site out & order! You'll be glad you did!

OK, let's talk about TFW Wrestling. A few weeks back I read a post somewhere, I think it was on Facebook, that said TFW was for sale. The following weekend I went to the TFW show here in Tupelo, which turned out to be the last TFW show in Tupelo. Lacy announced that TFW was moving to another city and would be re-opening, and would continue to run shows in Selmer every other weekend. They moved out and that was that, until I read the following on Facebook: 
"So here's what's up ... TFW Wrestling is officially for sale, I have dedicated the last 2 years to treating all the boy's as good as possible, they say the best PO in the Indy circuit. In turn to be talked shit about by alot of them one kid in paticular Caleb Byars aka Chris Cade I trained him for free i put alot of heart and Soul into this kid to try and make the best he could be I drove from memphis to Tupelo just to train him and for What? For him to turn his back and talk shit about me! Thanks alot kid I am through with wrestling. I will take the first reasonable offer for TFW! What goes with TFW is... 1 16x16 steelwrestling ring show ready, 1 16 ft tandem axle trailer, 16 ft steel cage, approx 100 + chairs, 8 tables, PA system (with 2 speakers with 15 in woofers, 1 cordless mic, 3 hard mic's, compaq laptop computer w/ all TFW music, 4 smoke machines, 6 strobe lights, 1 multicolored light system that goes to beat of music, 2 TFW signs, all concession stand equipment (2 coolers, deep fryer, flat grill, 18 quart cooker, industrial size microwave, 2 cash registers plus more I'm sure I'm forgetting you will also buy all rights to TFW. Tfw has been is buisness for over 15 years! Just ready to move on to something new. I will take any resonable offer it must go so I can get over it!! Serious inquiries only inbox me!!"

Then, a few days later, we read on Facebook:
"Ok rib is up I never had any plans of selling TFW It was just to make the shit stirring people think they had won when the whole time we had leased another building in an undisclosed location. we have been working on the building for a month in half over 12,000 sqf it will have ringside seating and bleachers there will also be a complete gym we will also have 4 tanning beds we also have a mma area...really excited today are mma cage come in does anyone no how to set it up? LMAO..... If you choose to join the wrestling school and mma school together it is $75.00 a month if you wanna join just one it is $50.00 a month this will be a state of the art facility When we are threw with it. TFW will have its first show February 1st doors open at 7 pm bell time 8pm this will be a card like tupelo has never seen there are only 3 original TFW wrestlers that is left on the roster but i promise it will not be the same tupelo bunch that you normally see the first show will have current T.N.A. T.V. Talent .I have all new talent for the weekly shows sorry I had to keep it on the down low but I just had to see who truley was on my side so for all you haters put that in your pipe and smoke it TFW never left tupelo just growing to greater things . I would like to thank all of my sponsers true friends and family .further announcments soon to come watch Facebook and wrestling news center for further information"
OK, let's talk about all this.... Is TFW opening back up or not? Talk about mixed signals here.... If TFW is opening back up, well and good, tell us where! If it is for sale, OK, sell it. Just quit sending mixed signals. You say "TFW never left Tupelo, just growing to greater things." Really? REALLY?! If TFW never left Tupelo, just where in Tupelo is TFW? TFW did leave Tupelo. To say otherwise makes no sense. Oh, and you talk about "the best PO on the indy circuit." Well, next time you contact someone to announce for you, you might want to pay him something. Just saying....  Just my opinion....
Bottom line, I have no heat that I know of with Lacy or TFW. However, I will also probably not have much to do with TFW in the future since they have left this area, except to publish their information and results here on WNC if they choose to send it in. I do wish Lacy and his organization well in their future endeavors, whatever they may be, where ever they may be.
On to other things.... It's time to vote in the different categories for the year end awards here at Check out the awards section and cast your votes now. There are some interesting nominees there! It will be fun to see who wins.
Let's talk about Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock and the Hollywood Clique. Pictured above are apparently the two newest Clique members. I have been told these are the two girls Hollywood took with him on his recent trip to Arkansas. Hollywood did boast recently that the clique was getting bigger and bigger. I guess he wasn't kidding! 
That's all for now. If you have any feedback, positive or negative, you can email it to me at - or simply leave a comment on this blog. Thanks for stopping by!
The Axeman has spoken.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Axeman Speaks - August 18, 2012

The photo above is me & my newest grandchild, Ella. I am so blessed!

The opinions expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Wrestling News Center, the Webmaster, or anyone else connected with this site. They are mine, and mine alone, unless otherwise stated. If you agree with me, OK, and if you don’t, that’s OK. Either way, you're gonna read this, and that's what is important.

OK, wrestleholics, I know you are shocked at this somewhat rare update of Axeman Speaks. However, I have a few minutes to spare, so this column will be devoted to answering emails, along with other stuff.

Lela Bell writes: "Who, in your opinion, are the 10 most attractive women in pro wrestling NOT in WWE or TNA - just indy wrestlers."
Come on now, do you know how many beautiful ladies there are in wrestling? Give me a break. I will mention a few: Barbi Hayden, Brandi Wine, Sarah Stock, Su Yung, Million Dollar Baby... Better yet, just check out the roster over at Or, at Glory Wrestling.... Or at Shimmer.... There are so many female wrestlers in the USA - many of them I have not ever seen in the ring - so you decide.

Stephanie writes: "Is Johnny Valentine in the WWE Hall of Fame?" Unfortunately, no he is not. In my opinion, he should be, but at this time, he is not.

Stephanie also writes: "Who belongs in the WWE Hall of Fame that is not there at this time?"
Bruno Sammartino, although he has turned it down numerous times. Randy Savage, although it will probably never happen.

Billy U. writes: "Do you think NWA will survive the current legal situation they are involved in?" Well, they did survive. A couple of organizations pulled out, and the NWA has a new President, but it seems now to be business as usual.

Melissa Coots writes: "When is Keylo coming back to EPW?
Well, I do not know when or if he is coming back on a regular basis. I hope he does, and I hope it is soon.

Melissa also writes: "What happened to the guy who they called Monkey - he was in CWA a time or two, and Epw. He also wrestled in Rienzi for a while."
Well, if you mean "Monkey Boy" Danny Morris, I understand he is retired. I doubt he will ever be back at EPW.

Brian Erlanger writes: "What do you think of RAW going to three hours?"
Big mistake. An occasional three hour RAW or Smackdown is fine, but every week - big mistake. What WWE needs to do is stick with a two hour RAW with more wrestling and less BS. But that will never happen. A three hour RAW will start off with a bang and quickly fizzle out. They will be back to a two hour format in less than a year.

Chad writes: "Whatever happened to Gene Jackson?"
Beats me, he has been silent for a long time. I enjoyed his columns.

OK, now on to other stuff: The Olympics are over, unfortunately. I enjoyed watching them, although I think NBC could have done a much better job covering some of the events. One thing that upset me was the fact that, although they went undefeated and won the gold medal, out women's basketball team had little or no coverage on NBC. That's a shame. Also, women's boxing debuted at the Olympics, That's good, and I hope it is an Olympic event from here on. So, why not women's wrestling?

At any rate, I am proud of Team USA, the men and the women who represented the USA at the Olympics. Well done!

Well, political crap is filling the media these days with the upcoming election. In the midst of all the BS I did find some humor in the photo above. Just had to share it. Nothing to do with wrestling.

There has been some talk on the message board at about one of my posts on Wrestling News Center. Frankly, I find it all amusing, and, like I said before, I will post whatever I want on the News Center, whenever I want, about whatever I want, and I do not care who has posted about it already. There are always one or two who just can't be happy, just have to whine and cry and gripe, just cannot be satisfied - kind of like the kid on the right in the photo above. What these negative people don't realize is that it just prompts more readers to check out Wrestling News Center, and for that I thank you! So, keep the posts coming! I love it!

To change the subject yet again....

 There is a GREAT line-up of ladies talent coming to Magnificent Ladies Wrestling in September for their biggest taping of the year. At last count there are 25 ladies scheduled at this event, which I am told will take three days to complete. Some of the best lady wrestlers in the country - check out the line-up at Order a custom match or two! This is your chance to be the booker, your chance to call the shots your way, in a match of your choosing. Also, you can download matches, and there are hundreds to choose from, so check it out!

That's all for now. If you have any feedback, positive or negative, you can email it to me at - or simply leave a comment on this blog. Thanks for stopping by!

The Axeman has spoken.

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Axeman Speaks - May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day! Please remember, Memorial Day is a day set aside to remember the men and women who died while serving in the United States Armed Forces. So take a few minutes to reflect and remember. And, please be safe!

The opinions expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Wrestling News Center, the Webmaster, or anyone else connected with this site. They are mine, and mine alone, unless otherwise stated. If you agree with me, OK, and if you don’t, that’s OK. Either way, you're gonna read this, and that's what is important.

Ladies gentlemen, boys girls, children of all ages... It's time for a very rare edition of Axeman Speaks! Yeah, I know I have not written a column since February. I do, however, have a few things on my mind, so here it comes, ready or not, like it or not....

Several weeks ago I met two ladies at EPW in Booneville. They worked at EPW that night, having been at Magnificent ladies Wrestling in Memphis earlier that day. Both of them impressed me - a lot. However, one of them, Vision (photos above - Photo Credit: Brian Reese), looked familiar, but I just could not figure out where I had seen her before. Later, after she sent me some bio information, I realized she is the Vision that wrestled for Sammy Hall's promotion, Bad Boys, years ago, and also in IWF, as well as several promotions in south Mississippi. I remember several matches she had back then with Lady Vixen, and one in particular when she defeated Vixen for the IWF Women's title.

Vision has just recently gotten back into wrestling after having been out of the business for nine years. I can tell she still loves wrestling and is glad to be back. Her work at EPW was very impressive. Frankly, I was surprised to hear she had been out for that long, because she has not missed a beat. I want to welcome Vision back to wrestling, and I hope to see her at EPW again very soon.

Another young lady I met that night at EPW is Mackenzie York (pictured above - Photo Credit: Brian Reese). This gal impressed me from the start. She is not only gorgeous, she is very talented. She has been wrestling since 2007, and is very, very good at it. In fact, she is talented enough that she can go a long, long way in pro wrestling if that is what she wants. It is obvious she has a genuine love for the business and a real desire to succeed. I predict big things for Mackenzie York in the future.

It is my understanding that both Vision and Mackenzie York will be working for Magnificent Ladies Wrestling in Memphis again in the near future. As soon as I find out exactly when, I will let you know. Wrestling promotions, if you are looking to book ladies, I recommend these two.

OK, on to other matters....

Speaking of Magnificent Ladies Wrestling, I strongly recommend that you go to and check out the line-up for their June 23 taping in Memphis. Then check out the download section - there are over 700 ladies matches that are available for download, including some with Mackenzie York. Then, order a custom match - you be the booker, you write the script, you have it your way! If you love ladies wrestling like I do, you owe it to yourself to check this site out!

OK, to answer a couple of emails:

Donald Rand writes: "I am new to Tupelo - moved here from Nashville - and was wondering if there is any GOOD wrestling in the Lee county area."
OK, there are currently four organizations operating in the area:
EPW in Booneville, MS, on Highway 145, every Saturday night, 8pm.
TFW in Tupelo (Skyline), MS, on Highway 178 East, every Saturday night, 8pm.
AIWF Intense, not sure when their next event is, check for info.
OWO, next event June 1 at East Amory Community Center in Amory, MS.
Check these groups out. I will leave it to you to decide which are "good" and which are not.

Lela Bell writes: "Who do you think is the best female wrestler (currently active) NOT in TNA or WWE?
Tasha Simone, without a doubt.

Lela also writes: Who was better, Trish Stratus, Madusa, or Wendi Richter?
Oh geez! All three were great! If you forced me to choose between those three, it would have to be Trish. But all three were great. Different styles, different eras, but all three were great.

That's all for this round. If you have any feedback send it to Thanks for stopping by!

The Axeman has spoken.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Axeman Speaks, February 14, 2012

The photo above has absolutely nothing to do with pro wrestling. It's the cover of the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. What a great cover. I posted the photo here because I like it, lol. IT REALLY IS A GREAT COVER, DON'T YOU AGREE?

The opinions expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Wrestling News Center, the Webmaster, or anyone else connected with this site. They are mine, and mine alone, unless otherwise stated. If you agree with me, OK, and if you don’t, that’s OK. Either way, you're gonna read this, and that's what is important.

Greetings wrestleholics! I know, it has been too long since my last column. I apologize - I have been busy. This column is gonna probably make some folks mad, but I don't apologize for anything, I'm just calling it like I see it! So here we go....

It never ceases to amaze me when a "professional" wrestler no shows an event. It is disturbing when someone new to the business tarnishes his/her reputation early on by no showing an event. It is even more disturbing when that individual tries for weeks or even months to get booked by an organization, then no shows the event - no call, no text message, no email, nothing. I had high hopes for a female wrestler who calls herself Chasity. Chasity began training at EPW last year, then walked away from that group and apparently went elsewhere for her training, which many, including myself, thought was a mistake on her part. Be that as it may, I continued to encourage her whenever our paths crossed, because I saw some potential there. I honestly thought she would one day become at least a good local indy female wrestler. Chasity was booked at the MLW January taping in Memphis. It is my understanding that she had talked to the MLW owner for weeks about getting booked, and finally was booked at the January taping. This would have been great exposure for Chasity, as well as a great opportunity to be in the ring with, observe, and learn from some of the best female pro wrestlers in the USA. But when the day and time came, she did not show up. I don't know what her reason was for no showing at MLW. Frankly, I don't care. If she wasn't going to be there, she should have contacted the MLW owner. I gave her a pretty decent recommendation when the MLW owner asked me about her. I can guarantee that I will NEVER give her ANY kind of recommendation again - EVER. What a disappointment....

OK, on to other matters....

In what a number of people consider to be a hostile takeover attempt, a Texas Promoter and NWA affiliate member named R. Bruce Tharpe has filed a lawsuit against the National Wrestling Alliance. According to published reports, Tharpe has promoted wrestling shows in the Brownsville, TX area, under the Lucha Americana, NWA World Class Wrestling, and NWA Southwest names. Tharpe's suit, according to reports, alleges insurance fraud, claiming the NWA "misrepresented themselves to insurance companies and put promoters at risk by doing so." Again, according to reports on the internet, different NWA affiliate members have an option to cover their events using insurance available through the NWA, which is underwritten by the NWA's insurance company. The insurance reportedly only covers up to 100 fans. Tharpe claims this is misleading since many NWA members run shows that regularly draw more than 100 fans. But, here's the deal: According to everything I have read, there is apparently not any rule at all that requires NWA affiliate members to use this insurance plan. As far as I can tell, members are welcome to pass up the NWA coverage and find their own. Tharpe is only seeking damages of $49,000. However, according to what I have read, he is also attempting to have the current NWA Board of Directors and NWA Executive Director Robert Trobich removed. Now, I have no idea how this is all going to play out, but it is going to get very interesting, and maybe nasty, before it's all over with.

Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock sent the following email:
"ALERT*** Check your shampoo bottle label. I don't know why I didn't figure this out sooner!! When I wash my hair, the shampoo runs down my whole body, and printed very clearly on the shampoo label is this warning: FOR EXTRA VOLUME AND BODY!! NO wonder I have been gaining weight!! Well, I have gotten rid of that shampoo, and I am going to start using Dawn dish soap instead. The label reads: DISSOLVES FAT THAT IS OTHERWISE DIFFICULT TO REMOVE. Problem solved!"

There have been a number of negative comments concerning the voting in the 2011 Wrestling News Center end of year awards. I just received another email from someone calling himself "wrestling insider" ranting about how unfair it is that FTW won all those awards we presented in Newbern recently.

Here's the deal.... Frankly, I see no wrong doing on anyone's part. The fans in FTW got behind their guys more than the fans in other groups did. So what? If some of you that are being critical of the process have any suggestions as to how to do things better, we would love to hear them. Unless you have a better idea, shut up. If your favorites did not win, it is not our fault! If you did not win, remember that it is the fans who nominate, and it is the fans who vote, so maybe the reason you are sitting home bitching about not winning is because you need to get up off your butt and find some fans!

Here's something I found on the internet. I leave you with this tidbit, which is food for thought:

That's all for now. If you have any feedback, positive or negative, you can email it to me at - or simply leave a comment on this blog. Thanks for stopping by!

Oh, and happy Valentine's Day everyone!

The Axeman has spoken.