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The Axeman Speaks - August 18, 2012

The photo above is me & my newest grandchild, Ella. I am so blessed!

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OK, wrestleholics, I know you are shocked at this somewhat rare update of Axeman Speaks. However, I have a few minutes to spare, so this column will be devoted to answering emails, along with other stuff.

Lela Bell writes: "Who, in your opinion, are the 10 most attractive women in pro wrestling NOT in WWE or TNA - just indy wrestlers."
Come on now, do you know how many beautiful ladies there are in wrestling? Give me a break. I will mention a few: Barbi Hayden, Brandi Wine, Sarah Stock, Su Yung, Million Dollar Baby... Better yet, just check out the roster over at Or, at Glory Wrestling.... Or at Shimmer.... There are so many female wrestlers in the USA - many of them I have not ever seen in the ring - so you decide.

Stephanie writes: "Is Johnny Valentine in the WWE Hall of Fame?" Unfortunately, no he is not. In my opinion, he should be, but at this time, he is not.

Stephanie also writes: "Who belongs in the WWE Hall of Fame that is not there at this time?"
Bruno Sammartino, although he has turned it down numerous times. Randy Savage, although it will probably never happen.

Billy U. writes: "Do you think NWA will survive the current legal situation they are involved in?" Well, they did survive. A couple of organizations pulled out, and the NWA has a new President, but it seems now to be business as usual.

Melissa Coots writes: "When is Keylo coming back to EPW?
Well, I do not know when or if he is coming back on a regular basis. I hope he does, and I hope it is soon.

Melissa also writes: "What happened to the guy who they called Monkey - he was in CWA a time or two, and Epw. He also wrestled in Rienzi for a while."
Well, if you mean "Monkey Boy" Danny Morris, I understand he is retired. I doubt he will ever be back at EPW.

Brian Erlanger writes: "What do you think of RAW going to three hours?"
Big mistake. An occasional three hour RAW or Smackdown is fine, but every week - big mistake. What WWE needs to do is stick with a two hour RAW with more wrestling and less BS. But that will never happen. A three hour RAW will start off with a bang and quickly fizzle out. They will be back to a two hour format in less than a year.

Chad writes: "Whatever happened to Gene Jackson?"
Beats me, he has been silent for a long time. I enjoyed his columns.

OK, now on to other stuff: The Olympics are over, unfortunately. I enjoyed watching them, although I think NBC could have done a much better job covering some of the events. One thing that upset me was the fact that, although they went undefeated and won the gold medal, out women's basketball team had little or no coverage on NBC. That's a shame. Also, women's boxing debuted at the Olympics, That's good, and I hope it is an Olympic event from here on. So, why not women's wrestling?

At any rate, I am proud of Team USA, the men and the women who represented the USA at the Olympics. Well done!

Well, political crap is filling the media these days with the upcoming election. In the midst of all the BS I did find some humor in the photo above. Just had to share it. Nothing to do with wrestling.

There has been some talk on the message board at about one of my posts on Wrestling News Center. Frankly, I find it all amusing, and, like I said before, I will post whatever I want on the News Center, whenever I want, about whatever I want, and I do not care who has posted about it already. There are always one or two who just can't be happy, just have to whine and cry and gripe, just cannot be satisfied - kind of like the kid on the right in the photo above. What these negative people don't realize is that it just prompts more readers to check out Wrestling News Center, and for that I thank you! So, keep the posts coming! I love it!

To change the subject yet again....

 There is a GREAT line-up of ladies talent coming to Magnificent Ladies Wrestling in September for their biggest taping of the year. At last count there are 25 ladies scheduled at this event, which I am told will take three days to complete. Some of the best lady wrestlers in the country - check out the line-up at Order a custom match or two! This is your chance to be the booker, your chance to call the shots your way, in a match of your choosing. Also, you can download matches, and there are hundreds to choose from, so check it out!

That's all for now. If you have any feedback, positive or negative, you can email it to me at - or simply leave a comment on this blog. Thanks for stopping by!

The Axeman has spoken.

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