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The Axeman Speaks 12-10-2012

My granddaughter, Harley, playing with her toys - I am so blessed!

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Greetings, my fellow wrestleholics! It has been too long, I know, since I last posted an update to this column. Hey, guys, I been busy! But I have some stuff on my mind, so here we go with more ramblings from an old wrestling announcer. I just call it like I see it! So, here we go!

OK, I am getting text messages and emails and calls wanting to know why I am parting ways with EPW. Rumors are already starting that I was fired. Simply NOT true. This has been planned for several months. So, here it is, straight from me to you. I have no heat with anyone from EPW. I have no heat with Edith. I have no heat with the booker. I have announced in Booneville for years, way back since the days of MCWA. I have loved it. However, things change, circumstances change. Fact is, I have announced just about every weekend, sometimes two or three times in one weekend, for a very long time. It is simply time to step back and devote my time to other priorities, especially my grandkids. I have five grandkids and one on the way, and I simply do not want to be booked to announce every weekend any more. I also want to be able to travel around to different shows once in a while and do write-ups for Wrestling News Center. So, does this mean I am not going to announce again? NOPE! If I happen to be at a show and they ask me to announce, I will be happy to for a reasonable fee. Just won't be doing it every weekend. One thing I do intend to do is help Magnificent Ladies Wrestling up in Memphis. I plan on being at most of their tapings and helping Darrell and his crew in any way I can. So, as you can see, I am still in circulation, just slowing down some. So there you have it, nothing more, nothing less.

Speaking of Magnificent Ladies Wrestling, go to and check out the line-up of ladies coming in for the next taping in January. You can order custom matches with these ladies (and/or guys) - order it YOUR way - you can call the shots, you can decide exactly what you want in your match. Order now, because there is a limit to the number of custom matches they can do in one session. There are also hundreds of great ladies matches available for download, so check the site out & order! You'll be glad you did!

OK, let's talk about TFW Wrestling. A few weeks back I read a post somewhere, I think it was on Facebook, that said TFW was for sale. The following weekend I went to the TFW show here in Tupelo, which turned out to be the last TFW show in Tupelo. Lacy announced that TFW was moving to another city and would be re-opening, and would continue to run shows in Selmer every other weekend. They moved out and that was that, until I read the following on Facebook: 
"So here's what's up ... TFW Wrestling is officially for sale, I have dedicated the last 2 years to treating all the boy's as good as possible, they say the best PO in the Indy circuit. In turn to be talked shit about by alot of them one kid in paticular Caleb Byars aka Chris Cade I trained him for free i put alot of heart and Soul into this kid to try and make the best he could be I drove from memphis to Tupelo just to train him and for What? For him to turn his back and talk shit about me! Thanks alot kid I am through with wrestling. I will take the first reasonable offer for TFW! What goes with TFW is... 1 16x16 steelwrestling ring show ready, 1 16 ft tandem axle trailer, 16 ft steel cage, approx 100 + chairs, 8 tables, PA system (with 2 speakers with 15 in woofers, 1 cordless mic, 3 hard mic's, compaq laptop computer w/ all TFW music, 4 smoke machines, 6 strobe lights, 1 multicolored light system that goes to beat of music, 2 TFW signs, all concession stand equipment (2 coolers, deep fryer, flat grill, 18 quart cooker, industrial size microwave, 2 cash registers plus more I'm sure I'm forgetting you will also buy all rights to TFW. Tfw has been is buisness for over 15 years! Just ready to move on to something new. I will take any resonable offer it must go so I can get over it!! Serious inquiries only inbox me!!"

Then, a few days later, we read on Facebook:
"Ok rib is up I never had any plans of selling TFW It was just to make the shit stirring people think they had won when the whole time we had leased another building in an undisclosed location. we have been working on the building for a month in half over 12,000 sqf it will have ringside seating and bleachers there will also be a complete gym we will also have 4 tanning beds we also have a mma area...really excited today are mma cage come in does anyone no how to set it up? LMAO..... If you choose to join the wrestling school and mma school together it is $75.00 a month if you wanna join just one it is $50.00 a month this will be a state of the art facility When we are threw with it. TFW will have its first show February 1st doors open at 7 pm bell time 8pm this will be a card like tupelo has never seen there are only 3 original TFW wrestlers that is left on the roster but i promise it will not be the same tupelo bunch that you normally see the first show will have current T.N.A. T.V. Talent .I have all new talent for the weekly shows sorry I had to keep it on the down low but I just had to see who truley was on my side so for all you haters put that in your pipe and smoke it TFW never left tupelo just growing to greater things . I would like to thank all of my sponsers true friends and family .further announcments soon to come watch Facebook and wrestling news center for further information"
OK, let's talk about all this.... Is TFW opening back up or not? Talk about mixed signals here.... If TFW is opening back up, well and good, tell us where! If it is for sale, OK, sell it. Just quit sending mixed signals. You say "TFW never left Tupelo, just growing to greater things." Really? REALLY?! If TFW never left Tupelo, just where in Tupelo is TFW? TFW did leave Tupelo. To say otherwise makes no sense. Oh, and you talk about "the best PO on the indy circuit." Well, next time you contact someone to announce for you, you might want to pay him something. Just saying....  Just my opinion....
Bottom line, I have no heat that I know of with Lacy or TFW. However, I will also probably not have much to do with TFW in the future since they have left this area, except to publish their information and results here on WNC if they choose to send it in. I do wish Lacy and his organization well in their future endeavors, whatever they may be, where ever they may be.
On to other things.... It's time to vote in the different categories for the year end awards here at Check out the awards section and cast your votes now. There are some interesting nominees there! It will be fun to see who wins.
Let's talk about Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock and the Hollywood Clique. Pictured above are apparently the two newest Clique members. I have been told these are the two girls Hollywood took with him on his recent trip to Arkansas. Hollywood did boast recently that the clique was getting bigger and bigger. I guess he wasn't kidding! 
That's all for now. If you have any feedback, positive or negative, you can email it to me at - or simply leave a comment on this blog. Thanks for stopping by!
The Axeman has spoken.

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