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The Axeman Speaks 3-19-11

The opinions expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Wrestling News Center, the Webmaster, or anyone else connected with this site. They are mine, and mine alone. If you agree with me, OK, and if you don’t, that’s OK. Either way, you're gonna read this, and that's what is important.

Greetings, wrestleholics! I have a couple of things on my mind, so here is a rare column from yours truly. Here we go....

First of all, the following was posted by Jimmy Blaylock at Wrestling News Center:

"Wrestling News Center's promotion of the year, ASWF will be on Statewide TV in Arkansas starting in a few weeks. ASWF first TV taping will in Little Rock, Arkansas at the Astrodome (corner of University & Asher) in the downtown area. The first TV taping will be April 14th and bell time will be 7:30. We will give you more details and who there roaster will be in the next few days here at WNC."

OK, before we go any further, BIG TIME CONGRATULATIONS TO DAVID WALLS & EVERYONE AT ASWF! With that said, I am very interested in knowing who ASWF's "roaster" will be! I didn't know they were having a roast also! LOL.... Jimmy, you really gotta learn how to type!

Seriously, I really enjoyed going to ASWF a couple of weeks ago and presenting WNC awards. Made some new friends and saw some old friends I have not seen in quite a while. Finally got to meet Downtown Bruno, which was a real treat! I hope to be able to go back to ASWF real soon. They have a really nice arena, and I really did enjoy the show. ASWF has come a long, long way since the last time I saw an ASWF show in an old, run down school gym in Clover Bend, AR, several years ago.

"T-Bone" Terrence Ward, in his newest column at Wrestling News Center, said:
"I recently accepted my Announcer of the Year award from for the second consecutive year this year. I want to personally thank you fans who voted for me again this year, that means you too Axeman!"

Well, Terrence Ward, here's a news flash for ya: I actually DID vote for you! Congratulations, my friend! You deserve it!

Now let's talk about TNA.... I read something on one of the wrestling news sites about Hogan not being involved with creative in TNA these days. Well, in my opinion, this makes perfect sense. You see, in order to be involved in creative, one actually has to BE there, and Hogan has not been there much lately. Dixie Carter cannot be pleased with Hogan's performance. Seems to me that Hogan has done nothing except draw a pay check. Prediction: Hogan will be gone from TNA by the end of the year.

The Jeff Hardy spectacle at the recent TNA pay per view was a disaster that TNA will not soon live down. Hardy was obviously too messed up to be in the ring, so WHY did TNA management wait until he was in the ring to do something about it? Hardy made TNA look pathetic. He also made Sting look bad. It was Sting that had to hold Hardy down for the three count to end the match when he tried to kick out.

Enough about the train wreck, um er I mean TNA. Let's talk for a minute about Jerry "The King" Lawler's upcoming match at Wrestlemania against what's his name. Prediction: Lawler will lose. Unfortunately, I think that is what will happen. Then Michael Cole will have even more heat with the "WWE Universe." There are those who think Steve Austin will turn on Lawler and screw him out of a victory. Maybe so - maybe not. But I look for Lawler to lose, as unfortunate as that might be. Remember, it's WWE we are talking about!

There are those who believe Lawler will announce his retirement shortly after Wrestlemania. Frankly, I doubt it, and I hope not! I believe Lawler has a lot of matches still left in him!

Moving on....

I have received a number of phone calls and emails about the recent events in TFW. Yes, "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs has left the group. Yes, he is starting his own group and will begin running shows in a few weeks. No, TFW is not shutting down. In fact, Buff Bagwell is coming to TFW on April 1. It is what it is, Tony is gone, TFW is moving on, end of story.

Lastly, I have something to say to my friend, Spunky Sassy: I ain't mad at you! Never was! I don't know how that got started, but there's nothing to it.

Well, I'm out of time, so that's all for now. If you have any feedback, send it to

The Axeman has spoken.

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