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The Axeman Speaks 10-2-08

The photo above was taken back in July during out vacation in St. Louis. It's my grandson, Isaak, making a "joyful noise." I am so proud of him!

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Greetings, my friends. I know, it's been waaaay too long since my last column. I've been busy... real busy. To those of you who have emailed and called asking why I have not updated, thanks for asking. I will TRY to do better in the future (but no promises, lol!). I have a lot of stuff I want to talk about, but not a lot of time, so we'll get right to it....

There was a lot of out and out crap being said about Sammy Hall recently, nothing but mud slinging. Much of that has died down, but I thought I would pass along what is posted on the web site of the Mississippi State Athletic Commission:

Jon Lewis, Chairman
Jon Lewis was appointed Chairman of the Mississippi Athletic Commission in 2004 by Governor Haley Barbour. The Chairman serves as the Executive Director of the Commission. Throughout his career, he has been both a competitor in MMA and Toughman Contests, as well as a trainer, matchmaker and owner/instructor of Southern Judo & Jujitsu Academy and Byram Boxing Academy. Jon also holds a bachelor's degree in business from Mississippi College.

Eddie Payton
Eddie Payton was appointed as a board member by Governor Haley Barbour in 2006. He is the head golf coach for Jackson State University. Eddie played in the NFL for 5 years. He is the older brother of Walter Payton, NFL superstar.

Larry Torgerson
Larry Torgerson was appointed as a board member by Governor Haley Barbour in 2005. He is the General Manager for WOKK radio in Meridian, MS. He also attended the University of Mississippi where he played college football.

Staff Members:
Patrick Turner, Assistant Director - Patrick was hired in 2007 as an assistant to the Chairman. He previously served as a deputy commissioner since 2004. Patrick is also a graduate of William Carey College with a master's degree in business.

Deputy Commissioners:
Pat Buchanan
Jack Curtis
Buddy Cooper
Frank Cornacchione
Houston Dorr
Effrem Goodman
Sammy Hall
David Hodge
Bob Hutto
Karen Ingle
Warren Miguez
Ernie Wilson

OK, enough from the web site... look closely at the above list. Seventh name from the top is "Sammy Hall." So it is obvious that Sammy Hall is indeed a Deputy Commissioner. Like it or not.

There are a few less than informed individuals who have also been saying that the Mississippi State Athletic Commission is a work. There are a few who say that it has no power. Well, ask the folks that ran the show in Byhalia recently about the Commission. I hear tell they learned that the Commission is for real. Frankly, I think the Commission was very generous in letting them go ahead with their show, when they had not paid fees or turned in paperwork. But it was probably the right thing to do, for the sake of the fans who had bought tickets, to let the show go on, as long as those responsible paid the necessary fees and penalties, which I assume they did.

I notice that all the mud slinging towards EPW and Edith has stopped. Like I have been saying, EPW is a good organization that is putting on good shows week after week. An individual or maybe several individuals tried unsuccessfully to wreck her show and hurt Edith's and EPW's reputation last week, but it DIDN'T WORK!!! Yes, Rodney Mack cancelled because of the unprofessional and malicious actions of someone, but the show went on and it was a success, thanks to Don Bass & Jimmy Blaylock. It says a lot about them both for being willing to help and work the show on short notice.

Now, I don't know who it was who made the phone calls to Rodney Mack spreading all kinds of crap and lies. In my opinion, it was out and out slander. The individual(s) responsible will get caught, in due time. Sooner or later they will let it slip, or someone will rat them out, and then I am sure they will get what is coming to them.

Then there's Rodney Mack, who is one of the most unprofessional individuals I have ever come across in this business. He heard something bad, obviously, about EPW, which was not true. Did he call Edith and confront her about what was said? No. He didn't call to cancel, didn't call to discuss the situation... nothing. He was just not going to show. That, my friends, reeks of unprofessionalism. Repeated calls to Rodney Mack from the promoter and the booker went unreturned. Unprofessional... that's all there is to it. If Rodney Mack's path and mine never cross again it's perfectly OK with me.

TFW has a great show lined up for tomorrow night at the TFW arena in Tupelo. A big six man cage match, plus there are girls on the card! A "Hood Street Cage Match" will feature Moe Foundation (Curly Moe, G-Moe Money, & J Kid) w/Dirty Rell Moe vs. Sons of the South (Josh Matthews & Chris Styles) & "Southern Thunder" Chris Kilgore w/Bad Boy Burns. Moe Foundation will start with two men in the cage, having won the advantage in the match this past Friday night. Sons of the South will start the match with only one man in the ring. One person will enter the cage every three minutes until all six are in the cage. Street Fight rules will be in effect (anything goes). The cage will not be locked. Security will be at the door to let anyone in or out. The match can take place in or out of the ring. However, it can only be won by pin fall INSIDE the ring. Also, a ladies match is on the card: Tasha Simone, the "Meanest Female in Wrestling" vs. West Virginia's "Rugged" Sarah Lynn. Admission is only $5.00. Bell time is 8:00 p.m.

Memphis Ladies Wrestling is bringing 12 of the best lady wrestlers in indy wrestling to Tupelo THIS Saturday night for an all ladies show. The show will be at the TFW Arena on North Eason Blvd. in Tupelo. Bell time is 7:30 p.m. On the card are: Tasha Simone, Su Yung, Little Jeanne, Brandi Wine, Sarah Lynn, Alere Little Feather, Josie, Hellena Heavenly, Sin D, Misty James, Rock-N-Roll Rock C, plus a surprise or two. When was the last time an all girl show came to North Mississippi? Don't miss this show! Check for more information at Wrestling News Center (

EPW also has a show Saturday night in Booneville. Check it out! Admission is $5.00 at the door. Bell time is 8:00 p.m. The show is at the EPW Arena, located on Hwy 145 just nortn of Hwy. 4, in the old Dodds Garage building. You will see such stars as Bonecrusher, Soul Taker, Buzz harley, Kross, JR Mauler, Izzy Rotten, "Xtreme" Brett Michaels, Justin Rhodes, Chris Fontaine, "Dangerous" David Cox, "The Future" Chris Styles, Cassanova Kid, and more!

I've got a lot more stuff to talk about, but I am out of time. That's all for now. I will be back in two or three weeks, or maybe longer (who knows, lol), with another update. Whether you like me or hate me, thanks for reading this column. If you have feedback, my email address is


The Axeman has spoken.

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