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The Axeman Speaks 12-01-08

This is a picture of my grandson, Wes. It was taken while we were in St. Louis in June. He sure is growing!

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Greetings, once again, fellow wrestling addicts! I see you are here for another wrestling news & opinion fix, so I won't keep you waiting. Here we go....

I know it has been a long time since I last updated. To those who have emailed me asking why, thanks for the nice (and in some cases not so nice) comments. I'm glad to know you missed the column so much.

The recent TNA show in Corinth was a lot of fun. It was just a house show, no frills added, but it was a very enjoyable show. TNA is a much more fan-friendly group than WWE ever thought of being. To steal a phrase from a colleague of mine: Back stage passes given away throughout the show - good call. Autograph party for the fans after the show - good call. Velvet Sky & Angelina Love - good call. If you ever have a chance to see a TNA show live, go for it. You will not be disappointed.

Speaking of the TNA show, I ran into BJ Fuller while I was there. He proceeded to tell me that he is upset that I "dissed" him in a previous column. I am very disappointed that he feels I dissed him. I intended to out and out tell him what a crappy wrestler I think he is. I guess I didn't get that message across clear enough. BJ proceeded to inform me, in no uncertain terms, what a great wrestler he is. In fact, he told me, very loudly, that he is "the best wrestler in the state of Mississippi." Well, BJ, I told you then, and I tell you yet again, you could not wrestle your way out of a mud puddle... not even with help! So go ahead and be a legend in your own mind... and sit home where you belong.

EPW is having some great shows. The recent match with Gary Valiant & Ms. Boogie was a very entertaining match. Gary Valiant reminds me of Jimmy Valiant in his prime. And why shouldn't he? Jimmy trained him and trained him very well. I eagerly await the return of the Boogie Woogie Man Gary Valiant to EPW.

I read with some amusement the comments recently posted on the message board about The Mayor, Oscar Barlow. These people who are posting crap about Oscar are absolute idiots. He is one of the best announcers anywhere, and he has announced for many wrestling organizations in the mid-south. He is currently announcing some of the All Pro shows, and I understand he will be announcing the upcoming All Pro show in Batesville in a few days. So, before you bad mouth him, go to that show and listen to him announce. I don't think you will be so critical then. If Oscar wins the Wrestling News Center's award for Announcer of the Year, which he probably will, it's because he deserves it!

I also read the posts on the message board that are critical of RWA in Jonesboro, AR. A number of stars have left the promotion recently for various reasons, and the gloom & doomers out there are prophecying the demise of the organization. Well, workers come and workers go. That's what keeps a show from getting stagnant. That's what keeps the fans from losing interest.

There has been some speculation lately as to why the "Kamala Goes to School" project has not been released. I assure you, the entire DVD was shot recently. The individual doing the editing is the one holding the entire project up. What his problem is I do not know. I do, however, wish he would get off his butt and get it done!

TNA has signed well known indy female star Josie, aka Soujourner Bolt, to a contract. The newest TNA Knockout will be back on Impact in the near future. Congrats, Josie!

That's all for now. I am sure I will wait way too long to update again, lol.

If you have questions or any feedback, email me at axemanchopchop@yahoo.com. Whether you like me or hate me or just put up with me, thanks for reading this column.

I have another interview in the works, which I hope to have up in the near future, with Loose Cannon, so watch for that In the Spotlight update soon.

The Axeman has spoken.

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