Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Axeman Speaks 6-21-09

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Greetings, wrestling fans!

Can anyone identify the wrestler in the above photo? I have been contacted by an individual in another state wanting to know if I know who it is. I must admit I have not a clue. Any guesses? If anyone knows, leave a comment at the end of this post, or email me at

I was a little surprised to read that Rhaka Kahn & Jacqueline are back in TNA. It was widely reported several months ago that TNA had released them both. Now they turn up on TNA house show cards. So... Either they were not released, or TNA did release them and then quietly brought them back. Either way they are on the road with TNA as I write this column. Unfortunately, I doubt that either of them will contribute significantly to the Knockouts Division in TNA. There is one former knockout who, if brought back, could contribute and give the Knockouts Division a real boost, and that individual is Roxxi. Roxxi can work circles around half the so called wrestlers in the Knockouts Division. Why she was given the boot in the first place is beyond me. Bring her back!

TNA continues to produce a better product than WWE, but Vince & company seem to be working hard to make much needed changes and improvements. Will it make a difference? We'll see.

OK, enough about TNA, let's talk about WWE.... I was quite amused at just how many people bought into the "Donald Trump buys RAW" angle. Several main stream media organizations jumped all over the story, only to have to do damage control a little later by retracting the stories. This will give RAW a big ratings boost, no doubt, and it will be fun to watch - for a while. Angles such as these tend to get real old real fast. I hope WWE does not keep it going and going and going long after the fans have grown tired of it. I wonder how much Donald is charging Vince for all of this?

I watched the YouTube video posted by Billy Russ of Psycho's fall at a recent show. In fact, I watched it several times. I am amazed that he was not killed or paralyzed when he fell. Now, I have seen Psycho take some bad bumps. That one, however, could have killed or badly injured anyone. Psycho, I don't know what, if any religious beliefs you have, but even if you had none before that fall, you ought to have some now. I hope you realize and understand just how fortunate you are to still be here.

Now, to change directions again... There are rumors going around and reports being posted on the message board about EPW. So, here's the deal: YES, EPW will be going on TV in a couple of weeks. No, it will not be on a local or community access channel. Yes, EPW will have a weekly broadcast on the MyMississippi TV network. I will have more information and details to release in a few days, so watch for updates. EPW's first television taping will be this Saturday night, 6-27-09, at the EPW arena in Booneville. Between now and then some changes and improvements will be taking place at the EPW arena in preparation for TV. Come check it out this Saturday night!

Now let the haters and naysayers begin spewing their venom. There will be several who are jealous of EPW's success. To those people I say this: Learn to live with it! I have been telling you for months that EPW would be successful. They have good shows week after week, and the upcoming cage match this Saturday night between JR Mauler and Buzz Harley - loser of the match retires from wrestling - will be no exception. What better way to begin on TV than with a great card, including a cage match!

On to other things.... I laughed out loud at a couple of emails I received last week. It seems that some of you saw the article that appeared in the Daily Journal last Sunday about a serial killer a long time ago in New Orleans who was called "The Axeman." Well here's a news flash for ya - I ain't that guy! I may be old, but I ain't that old! I would never have seen that article if I had not received those emails and seen the posts on the message board. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. Interesting read.

That's all for this time, wrestling fans! If you have any feedback or comments or whatever, you can email me, or you can leave a comment here. Whether you love me or hate me, thanks for reading.

The Axeman has spoken!

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CavedogRob said...

Roxxi was booted by TNA because she nearly came to blows with Rakha Khan over something in a match they had had. At the time Khan was dating Kurt Angle. So Roxxi was let go. Anyway, that's the story I got.