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The Axeman Speaks 5-30-09

The photo above is my grandson, Isaak, who I am SO proud of!

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Greetings, wrestling fans!

I read today about the passing of a wrestling legend, "The Golden Greek" John Tolos. I remember John Tolos from watching him as a child on TV in Dallas, in some memorable matches filmed in Dallas and Ft. Worth, as well as from his time in WWF. I remember one match in partiucular from his time in Texas, when he took on Angelo Mosca, in what turned into a brawl. Thanks for the memories, John Tolos.

I also read today about WWE releasing Ken Kennedy. To some, I am sure this comes as a surprise. I was not surprised, and, quite frankly, I don't feel it was a great loss, either. I think he was a major liability to WWE. Why, you may ask. The answer is simply because he was an injury waiting to happen and a screw up.

Think about this, which I read in a post at Mid-Southern Wrestling Message Board:

2006: Shortly after his arrival, Kennedy injured his shoulder and was out for a long time.

I think it was in 2007 Kennedy won Money In The Bank. He had arrived. He was in the spotlight. He had it all going his way. He was getting that big push. He was to be in a main event at Wrestlemania. So what does he do? He gets hurt and Edge gets the push instead.

Later on Kennedy plays the part of the illegitimate son of Vince McMahon, once again in the spotlight in WWE, but he screwed up and flunked a drug test.

Last year Kennedy got yet another opportunity. What did he do? He injured his shoulder again and was out for months.

That brings us to Monday Night on RAW. Kennedy had his return match after being out for about 10 months. He had yet another opportunity to get something going in WWE. Then Kennedy, in typical Kennedy style, injured his wrist after taking the RKO from Orton. What pissed WWE officials off even more, according to an article by Ryan Clark at, is a botched spot by Kennedy during the match which almost injured Orton's shoulder again.

Now we read that Kennedy has been released by WWE. Frankly, I would have released him a lot sooner than that.

So, what does the future hold for Ken Kennedy? Well, in my opinion, he needs to stay out of wrestling. He does have some wrestling talent, no doubt about it. WWE would never have even looked at him in the first place, and would not have given him chance after chance, if he did not. But the fact is, either his body is not made for wrestling, or he is careless in the ring, because he is injured too easily and too often. He does have some very good mic skills, and frankly I think he could parlay that into a successful career somewhere running his mouth. However, he will probably end up on the indy circuit somewhere, maybe in ROH, or perhaps in TNA, where he will be the latest WWE reject to make money for TNA, IF he can stay healthy. I wish him luck.

The Axeman has spoken.

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