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The Axeman Speaks March 6, 2015

This is one of my favorite photos, one of those rare occasions when we are surrounded by grandkids! It does not happen often, but I am retiring in April and moving to St. Louis, and will be spending a lot more time with some of them!

Greetings, my friends, and SURPRISE! Yes, I am writing a column! I know, it has been months, but I decided to write one tonight because I actually have some free time. No work tonight! Too much ice. so, I decideed to answer some mail. Now, I don't receive nearly as much mail as I once did, and that's because I don't write columns and answer mail much anymore, lol, but I received one today that I do want to answer, so here we go!

The opinions expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Wrestling News Center, the Webmaster, or anyone else connected with this site. They are mine and mine alone.

But first, my friends, I need to take time to post this photo of Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock attempting to launch his boat last summer. He just could not figure out why it won't come off the trailer. He also could not figure out why his truck would not start. Folks, I post this as a public service. If he ever does get that boat in the water, he's going to be dangerous. Boaters, beware!

OK, first email I will answer:

Devon Riley writes: "Axeman, I seen you at that show at the Salvation Army and you gave Dustin Star an award. I thought you hated Dustin Star. Whats up with that?"

OK, Devon, let's correct your grammar first. It's I saw, not I seen. Also, I really think you should spell Dustin's name right, it is Starr. First of all, I never hated Dustin Starr. I did have some heat with him at one time, but that was long ago. Yes, D-Rock and I did present him with the 2014 Wrestler of the Year award that night. Didn't mind presenting it at all, I was happy to do it. I wrote a column over a year ago where I buried the hatchet, so to speak, with Dustin. I have no heat with him any more. I congratulate him on winning that award. I believe he deserves it. Dustin has come a long way since the time when I had heat with him. Life is too short to hold grudges and have heat with people.

I cannot miss this opportunity to congratulate Miss Maria on being voted Valet of the Year for 2014. I was honored to present her with her award as well. Now, I have to say it should be against the rules for a lady to be as beautiful as she is, lol. She is a great valet.

Dustin "Five" Starr and Miss Maria, known in wrestling as "The Power Couple," have risen very quickly to the top in wrestling in the Mid-South, and they will be on top for as long as they want to be, you can count on that.

Nicole Fowler writes: "Who do you think the best three or four lady wrestlers in indy wrestling are?"

Well, Nicole, you obviously do not know me very well, because if you did you would know that I don't like to say who the best are, because there are so many good wrestlers out there. So I will say that the following ladies are AMONG the best: Malia Hosaka, Brandi Wine, Barbi Hayden, Little Bit, Sarah Stock, Melanie Cruise, Great Cheyenne. I am sure I left someone out who deserves to be on the list.

In another email, Nicole writes: "Who do you consider to be the best WWE Diva?"

That one is easy. The best, and also the most gorgeous WWE Diva, is AJ Lee. Period, enough said, AJ Lee. The best.

Don Todd writes, "What do you think about the WWE Hall of Fame inductees this year?"

Glad you asked!
RIKISHI: Deserves to be there.
THE BUSHWHACKERS: These off the wall guys were on top in WWE and elsewhere for a long time. They deserve to be there, but I must say there are other great tag teams that also are just as deserving, if not more so.
MACHO MAN RANDY SAVAGE: Should have been there in the Hall of Fame a long time ago. Finally, things have worked out, and I am glad they did. Elizabeth should be inducted with him.
ALUNDRA BLAYZE (MADUSA): It's about time! More than deserving, and I think she needs one more WWE run!

Daniel Bennett writes: "Whatever happened to Su Yung? She was on everyone's card in this area at one time, then Lawler got her into WWE, and then she was released by WWE after she and Lawler split up. She seems to have disappeared. She was so pretty, and she was not a bad wrestler either."

You are right, we don't hear much from Su Yung these days. I was pleased to see her name on the card at the upcoming Shine 25 event in Florida. So she is still around.

And finally, Adenar Nokaboru writes: Whatever happened to that big black wrestler, I think he was called Nino or Neno. He was very good, but he just seemed to drop out of sight."

Yes, he was good. He was very good. And yes, we don't see him very often any more. Neno, Where did you go?  I know you are out there, so listen up, we would like to see you more often on future OWO or EPW or SPWA cards.

Speaking of OWO, I finally got to see my first OWO show several weeks ago. In fact, I ended up announcing that night. I also, as mentioned earlier, was at the OWO awards show. Both were very good shows. I am impressed with OWO, and I hope to be able to see other OWO shows in the near future. This is a good group, and I recommend you see their shows if you have the chance.

EPW is on a roll again in Booneville, MS. Every Saturday night EPW is having some great shows, and they are having some big crowds. I announced there a couple of weeks ago for the first time this year, and I really enjoyed it. It was fun. EPW is a great organization, it is fun again, and as always you never know who will show up or what will happen at EPW. Check them out, every Saturday night on Highway 145 South in Booneville, MS.

I also went to Ramer, TN, a few weeks ago to see SPWA. Again, I was impressed with what I saw. These guys put on a great show that night and it was a lot of fun. Great crowd, no bad matches at all that night, a very enjoyable show. Check out the show in Ramer if you are anywhere near there, you will be glad you did.

That's all for this week, my friends. I hope to see you all at a show somewhere in this area before I move in May. Maybe I will even write another column before then, lol.

If you have any feedback, good or bad, email me at, or inbox me on fb.

Oh, by the way, I have more to say about the other WNC award winners, which I will save for my next column, if there is one lol....

The Axeman has spoken.

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