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The Axeman Speaks, 9-27-07

The opinions expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock, the Webmaster, or anyone else connected with this site. They are mine, and mine alone. If you agree with me, OK, and if you don’t, that’s OK. The fact is, when I write it, you read it, and that is the important thing.

Greetings, my friends. We have a few topics to cover today, so we will get started by talking about Gene Jackson's "Cheap Heat" column dated 9-19-07 over at Gene addresses several topics, but the one I want to focus on is the situation Ricky Morton has gotten himself into by not paying his child support. There are conflicting reports on the net about just how much he owes in back child support, but it is obvious that Morton has not paid it in years. Anyway, I was going to write a paragraph or two about Morton's stupidity, but Gene beat me to the punch. Shortly after Gene posted his column, a post was made on Hollywood's message board blasting me for blasting Gene for writing what he did about Morton. That's very strange, because I have said nothing about it until now. I wrote nothing about Gene's remarks or about Morton's legal woes until now. Jimmy removed the post (without me even asking, I might add). Now, however, I will comment on what Gene wrote: I agree with what he said 100%. I could not have said it better, so that's all i am gonna say about it.

On to BT's "Coach's Corner" column dated 9-24-07, where BT says, "Does anyone think that Vince does not have any responsibility in these deaths?? If I owned a company and I had that many people die, then I would start questioning myself a bit. But, this is Vince and he is Satan!!"

Geez, BT, don't you think that's a little strong? Yeah, Vince is a ruthless, power driven businessman. Yes, he seems at times not to have a heart or a conscience. No, he doesn't seem to really care about anyone or anything but himself. And yes, he often treats people like dirt. BUT... As rich, powerful, ruthless, heartless, and downright dirty as he may be, he ain't Satan. While lives have come unraveled in WWE, literally destroyed, and while Vince certainly has not helped in most of these situations in WWE, people make their own choices. So, while Vince is many things, and none of them good, Satan he ain't. A miserable, mean spirited person, maybe, but he ain't Satan. That's the way I see it....

If you were somewhat surprised to see Hardcore Holly back in the ring RAW Monday night, join the crowd. Nobody was more surprised than me. Wasn't it just about a month ago that we were reading about Holly having problems with numbness in his arm or something to that effect due to his surgery? Wasn't there some speculation that his wrestling career could be over? Then, surprise, he's back. Now, don't get me wrong here, I was glad, very glad to see him back. I enjoy watching him. I was just shocked to see him back so soon. In an article posted on, Holly had this to say: "It got to the point where I had no feeling in half of my hand and no grip at all. I have atrophy in my hand, and there is a big difference in my right and left hands. I kid with my wife and tell her it is my ‘Skeletor’ hand. But that is because I put off the surgery. The doctor told me he had never seen a nerve pinched as bad as that. So, they moved the nerve. A couple of my fingers still don’t have much feeling, but the doctor said that it could take some time for that, maybe up to a year." Well... Welcome back, Mr. Holly!

There has been a lot of speculation as to why Randy Orton was not on RAW Monday night. Many have speculated that he was suspended. To all you Orton haters out there, that is not the case. He was gone from RAW because he is a newlywed. He got married a couple of days earlier, and, I am sure, was otherwise occupied.

The following was posted on Hollywood's message board today (Thursday) by "Doug in West Point: "I heard last night that Golden Triangle Wrestling in West Point had shut down. I'm sad that this has happened as I enjoyed going to the shows when I could. I would've like to have known what happened at the shows when I couldn't make it, but I never see results anywhere, so I think its good they finally just closed up shop." Well, lol, sorry to disappoint you, Doug, but as far as I know GTW is very much alive and well. I believe they have a show scheduled for this Saturday night in West Point. GTW owner & Promoter Dudley Williams is a man who is determined to make a go of it in West Point, and I understand he has had some decent shows and the crowd is slowly increasing. So... GTW is still around. Go find someone else to spread rumors about.

Speaking of the message board, someone calling himself James Ricco posted this example of stupidity: "Hey Axeman, why don't you update your column, or are you too busy doing your lame announcing at that idiot Mattox's wrestling show? Talk about two losers. Are you two gettin' ready to blow this Padgett guy's money trying to act like you know what you are doing? If you are reading this Padgett, be very careful. Ask yourself, how much money are they putting in and will they be there for you if this thing goes bust?" Well, moron, I am truly sorry that the high point of your week is reading my column. I guess I let you down this week, didn't I, by not posting soon enough to suit you. Let me say this... GET A LIFE! As far as Jason Mattox and the wrestling organization he is involved with, they have not even had their first show yet. That goes to show that you know NOTHING about what is going on in wrestling around here. As far as my loyalty goes, just who do you think you are to question my loyalty? That goes to show that you know nothing. Those who I have worked for, and those who are asking me to work for them, know there is no need to question my loyalty. Next time you post something, please do try to throw your brain in gear before you start typing.

I have gotten a lot of good feedback about my interview with The Studd, Scott Porteau. Part 5 is currently up. If you have not read it yet, hurry, because part 6 will be up in a few days. If you missed any of the previous parts, just email me and I will send them to you.

The next Axeman Speaks update will be up in about a week and a half. I will have a house full of company for several days, and will not update until then. I know this will break James Ricco's heart, but oh well....

That’s all for this week. If you have any comments, feedback, criticism, insults, compliments, or whatever, email me at Thanks for reading.

We are one column closer to the last one!

The Axeman has spoken.

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