Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Axeman Speaks 10-31-07

The opinions expressed in this column do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Hollywood Jimmy Blaylock, the Webmaster, or anyone else connected with this site. They are mine, and mine alone. If you agree with me, OK, and if you don’t, that’s OK. The fact is, when Axeman writes it, you read it, and that’s what counts. So, love me or hate me, here we go….
I have read with interest the comments about the XOW show Saturday night. I also read the comments, good and bad, about Psycho. Now, I was unable to attend the XOW show because the individual I was supposed to ride with decided to go to Tunica instead, and did not think to tell me. I probably won't ride with him anymore, lol. It sounds like it was a pretty decent show, although it ran a little too long. I will try to be at the next XOW show.
The negative comments about Psycho really blow my mind. In my opinion he is one of the best around. I have seen Psycho in some classic matches, everything from singles action to tag matches to hardcore. He has always been entertaining, and is almost always a crowd favorite wherever he goes. So why all this hatin' on Psycho? Storm, on the message board, said it best:
"The people who say that about Psycho are the same people who are terrified to get in the ring with him. That's a fact. The man knows what he's doing in that ring. If you don't believe it, get in the ring with him. If not, then just say you're scared and be done with it."
OK, I am going to say a few things about the TFW show this past Friday night. First of all, Tony Watts, although one of your goons got me from behind, you still did not interfere in that match. I thoroughly enjoyed trying to knock some sense into you. I will not hesitate to do it again if you don't clean up your act. By the way, the brick you threw through my windshield Friday night will eventually end up back in your possession. How and when, well, that's for me to know. When it is time for you to know, you will find out.
I posted a picture on the news board a few days ago, hoping someone could help identify the wrestler. I called the individual who sent it to me and asked if he could provide any information as to how old it is. He said it has "Nacogdoches, Texas '72" written on the back of it. There have been several interesting guesses, including "Lord Humongous 30 years ago," The Masked Marquis de Sade (I never heard of him), Jason Voorhees, and JD McKay even suggested it is me, lol. Anyone else have any ideas? The individual who owns the photo is writing a book about the history of wrestling in Texas and would like to identify the worker.
This week's humor was sent in by Andrea DePriest. A NUN and A CABBIE: A cabbie picks up a Nun. She gets into the cab, and notices that the VERY handsome cab driver won't stop staring at her. She asks him why he is staring. He replies: "I have a question to ask you, but I don't want to offend you." She answers, "My son, you cannot offend me. When you're as old as I am and have been a nun as long as I have, you get a chance to see and hear just about everything. I'm sure that there's nothing you could say or ask that I would find offensive." The cabbie says, "Well, I've always had a fantasy to have a nun kiss me." She responds, "Well, let's see what we can do about that - #1, you have to be single, and #2, you must be Catholic." The cab driver is very excited and says, "Yes, I'm single and Catholic!" The nun says, OK, pull in to the next alley." The nun fulfills his fantasy, with a kiss that would make a hooker blush. But when they get back on the road, the cab driver starts crying. "My dear child," says the nun, "why are you crying?" The cabbie says, "Forgive me but I've sinned. I lied and I must confess, I'm married and I'm Baptist." The nun says, "That's OK. My name is Kevin and I'm going to a Halloween party."
Well, Booker T and Scott Hall are on their way to TNA. You can expect to see them both on Impact soon. I wonder, though, how they can afford Booker T? Scott Hall probably is not that expensive, but Booker prolly cost a pretty penny. Oh, I know, they parted company with Junior Fatu, but they were not paying him all that much, that's why he is gone. He wanted more, and they said no. So how can they afford Booker? TNA has never operated in the black that I know of. How can they afford the likes of Sting, Angle, Team 3-D, The Steiners, and all the other guys, and now Booker? Hmmm....
I was surprised to read that Nick Dinsmore, better known as Eugene in WWE, has been hired as the OVW Beginner Class Trainer. Who expected that? Didn't WWE just fire Dinsmore because of wellness policy violations? Now, just a few weeks later, he's back teaching the beginners in OVW. Well, it is WWE!
Speaking of WWE, I would be willing to bet that the RAW ratings go way, way up Monday night, when Stone Cold returns and DX reunites. Do you think Vince will get the message? I hope so, but I doubt it. I just don't know how many more stupid ladies costume battle royals I can take. Not to mention how many more stupid Hornswaggle segments we have to suffer through. Please, Vince, listen to the fans.
It's time for YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID! This week we focus on Ken Charles Barger, 47, who accidentally shot himself to death in December in Newton , NC. Awakening to the sound of a ringing telephone beside his bed, he reached for the phone but grabbed instead a Smith &
Wesson 38 Special, which discharged when he drew it to his ear.
That’s all for this week. If you have any responses, feedback, criticism,compliments, or whatever, send ‘em to axemanchopchop@yahoo.com. Who knows, you might actually get a reply.
Happy Halloween, everyone!

The Axeman has spoken.

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