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The Axeman Speaks October 16, 2007

(My grandson, Isaak)

Greetings Earthlings! We have a lot to talk about, so we'll start with some idiots (Cannon calls them "Nuts of the Week," I call 'em idiots).

The following post appeared on the message board last week:
Name: Haywood Jablomi
Date: Wed Oct 10 09:43:41 2007
Comment: hey omega why does everyone hate you? do they think you & me are the same ppl, hey axeman get my name right, its "J A B L O M I" don,t give me a reason to pick on you, your messing with the meanest, baddest person that has ever walked the face of the earth, and this go's out to all you other jabroney wannabe's...rite-here-at-ya"(the-bird sign)HAHAHAHAHAHa.

Now, that's gotta be the worst bunch of spelling blunders and bad grammar I have ever seen. It rivals Cannon's posts (LOL). But bad grammar and spelling aside, Haywood Jablomi dared to threaten me. Look, idiot, you are showing just how stupid you really are with all your idiotic posts. You come on the board and make threats which, of course, you never carry out. You are the self proclaimed "meanest, baddest person that has ever walked the face of the earth." Well, I will give you some advice, which I suggest you pay close attention to. Don't threaten me. Do you understand that, Haywired Jalopy? I hope so.

Here is another post on the message board by the aforementioned idiot:

Name: Haywood Jablomi
Date: Fri Oct 12 23:14:38 2007
Comment: J.D McKay you one thing we both agree on "HEAT". Heat can only come from a true hill, I piss anyone off, anytime, anywhere. I am the best of the best all hands down. The shows some promotions do are so damn lame, it runs fans off. People want to see real action not fakey crap.

So, Haywired, heat can only come from a true "hill." What a profound statement. Obviously, when he is riding in his car and goes up a hill, he feels heat. When he goes down a hill, he feels heat. When he sees a hill in the distance, he feels heat. Not just any hill, mind you, it has to be a "true hill." I am sure this poor, unfortunate Haywired's life is a major uphill battle, so I am sure he really feels a lot of heat. That explains why he is so full of hot air.

I also read Omega's statement on the board about the comments made in my last column. Apparently, Omega felt like I had accused him of something, which just ain't so. I had written about a half page response to his post, but I will not include it in this or any future column. Omega was apparently acting on second hand information, which was not accurate. He posted the following on the message board last week:

Name: omega
Country: to axeman
Date: Tue Oct 9 13:46:29 2007
Comment: when i'm wrong i'll say i'm i apologize to you for jumping your as# i was working under wrong info. but to clear something up i was not "unprofessional" a couple of weeks ago...there is more than what is being told. again i'm sorry!

Apology accepted, Omega. You say there is more to the story than what is being told. If that is the case, tell me what you have to say about the rest of the story. I would love to know. So, I am sure, would my readers.

OK, on to other stuff....

Kevin Nash's contract with TNA has expired. He did work the Pay Per View Sunday, although he is no longer under contract. Nash is currently in the process of negotiating a new contract with TNA. Vince Russo wants Nash to return to in ring work. Nash is apparently healthy and not at all opposed to wrestling again, but in order for him to return to the ring, he wants more money. He will get it. Plans are already on the drawing board for matches with Kurt Angle & Sting. Look for an announcement of an agreement being reached in the near future. Nash apparently wants to bring in Scott Hall and Sean Waltman. Both are good ideas.

Ric Flair will return to WWE at some point in the future. What his role will be is not clear, but he has been doing a few autograph signings and such for WWE, and I believe he will return in some capacity. Flair is in the enviable position of WWE needing him a lot worse than he needs WWE right now. I do hope he gets one more title run in WWE.

John Graziano, Nick Hogan's passenger in the August car accident, will not, according to reports, ever recover from his brain injuries. The damage is permanent, and he will be in a nursing home for the rest of his life. Graziano's parents, who are separated, are fighting it out in court as to who should be his legal guardian. That is very sad. The entire situation is really sad. The Hogans are apparently still very close to the Graziano family in spite of all that has happened. The investigation into the crash is continuing, and Nick could face criminal charges when the investigation is concluded. It has been said that something good comes out of every situation, no matter how bad it is. I just don't see anything good coming from this. (Partial credit:

It's time for YOU CAN'T FIX STUPID! This week we feature... Sandman! Yes, friends, Sandman did a stupid thing, and he paid for it by getting what he foolishly asked for. "When some of the WWE stars were on tour in South Africa in early September, Sandman got drunk with some of the wrestlers before a flight. Road agent Ricky Steamboat was sitting in front of a wasted Sandman. Sandman put an unlit cigarette in his mouth and Steamboat turned around to tell him that you can't smoke on an airplane. Sandman scoffed back at Steamboat by saying that the cigarette wasn't lit and that he didn't have a lighter on him anyways. It was simply in his mouth for the 'taste'. Ahh, addictions. Anyways, on one of the shows on the tour, due to time constraints, some wrestlers were pulled from the show, including Sandman. Sandman thought it was Steamboat's way of getting back at him. He then called Johnny Ace asking for his release from WWE. A few days later on September 11, Ace gave him his release from the company. Prior to his release, Vince McMahon wanted to turn him heel and give him a significant run on Raw, because the brand is desperately lacking heels. McMahon was a big fan of The Sandman's unique character, hence his promotion from ECW to Raw." Credits: & Yes, friends, it appears that Sandman is out of WWE because of a "misunderstanding" over an unlit cigarette in his mouth on a plane when he was "wasted." Stupid....

I must address a situation which occurred at TFW this past Friday night. There have been several posts on the message board about a valet at TFW being "too drunk to work." Several have speculated that it was Anita Page. That is TOTALLY INCORRECT. It was NOT Anita page. Anita has always been extremely professional, and Friday night was no exception. Those who were there will remember that Anita did work and did her job well. The other girl, who was in no condition to do anything, was pulled from the show prior to the opening bell and left later. Again, it was NOT Anita Page, and those of you who posted that crap on the board owe Anita an apology.

I must address another situation that occurred at TFW Friday night involving an outright assault by Tony "The Weasel" Watts. First of all, Tony Watts is not employed at TFW. He is the Promoter of XOW Wrestling, so as far as I am concerned he has no stinking business at TFW. Tony Watts asked me to step away from the announcer's table Friday night and talk to him. I assumed he just wanted some time to run his mouth or do an interview. I have interviewed The Weasel many times. However, he brought out Sarge O'Reilly, and proceeded to brag about what a great wrestler he is, and that he had brought Sarge to TFW to prove something. Then... The Weasel slapped me. I did nothing to deserve that. I did nothing to provoke him at all. Then he poured a bottle of water on me. Tony Watts is without a doubt a low life, egg sucking, rotten, stinking, inbred, banana nosed mangy dog. Tony Watts, you will regret what you did.

It is official... Booker T and Sharmell are gone from WWE effective October 28, 2007. Booker issued an official statement, which you can read on the news board. To clear up some confusion, Booker & Sharmell were not fired by WWE, they left. They chose to depart WWE by not coming back from the 60 day suspension, which, by the way, Booker says was completely uncalled for. He says he never used any illegal drugs, and that he never purchased anything from Signature Pharmacy.

According to a post on, WWE is apparently running an angle that has Vicki Guerrero and Armando Estrada in negotiations for an agreement which would allow Smackdown and ECW stars to compete on both Tuesday and Friday nights. While I realize this is starting off as an "agreement" angle, I look for the eventual consolidation of Smackdown and ECW into one brand. ECW has become somewhat benign and "in a rut" lately, and has a very weak talent roster in comparison with the other brands. Combining the two brands would make better use of available talent. Combining the two brands would also help get WWE out of the boring rut they seem to be in lately. Let's face it, ECW has never really caught on like WWE wanted it to.

As incredible as it may seem, word has reached me that Steve Creasy is once again going to bring back CCW. Yeah, right! Where have we heard that before?! A local worker told me recently that he has been contacted by Creasy about being booker for CCW. Prediction: It will never happen. We'll see....

This week's humor was sent in by Devon Raynes: A flight attendant was stationed at the departure gate to check tickets. As a man approached, she extended her hand for the ticket and he opened his trench coat and flashed her. Without missing a beat, she said, "Sir, I need to see your ticket, not your stub."

The next segment of the interview with Stud will be up in a few days. Also coming is an interview with a well-known wrestling personality. Stay tuned, folks....

I was about to end this column when... this post appeared on the message board:

Name: Haywood Jablomi
Date: Tue Oct 16 12:47:54 2007
Comment: We are sick and tired of axeman speaks, time for a new breed, like haywood speaks or doug from west point speaks, at least we would tell the real truth, that is what the fans want, so once a week I will post a column of haywood speaks, an up to date column with the real truth not some lame crap like axwman posts.

LOLOL... so, Haywired, you want to write a column? There is another post on the board which says that before you can write a column you have to know something. Well, idiot, I don't think you know jack, but if you really want to write a column, write it and send it to me at the email address below. I guarantee it will be posted on this site EXACTLY as written. Here are the stipulations: It has to be about wrestling. No vulgarity. No profanity. No racial slurs or remarks. No attacking anybody's family. Deadline is Sunday noon. OK, get to typing! The wrestling world is waiting!

That's all for this edition. If you have any feedback, send it to axemanchopchop @ I will respond if time permits.

We are now one column closer to the last one.

The Axeman has spoken.

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