Friday, December 7, 2007

BREAKING NEWS Concerning the Future of ASWF

Breaking News!

ASWF Promoter and co-owner, Aaron Polston, has sold his share of ASWF to one of his partners, David Walls, effective 12-05-07. The ASWF name and all equipment went with the buy out. Effective immediately, Polston and his former ASWF partners will go separate ways. ASWF will continue to run shows in Tuckerman on Saturday nights under the new ownership.

Aaron Polston's plans are to go to Jonesboro, Arkansas, to help start a new organization. The main owner of the organization is Frank Martin. Polston's role in the new group will be that of partner and promoter. He says the new group should be up and running some time in February.
In addition to weekly shows, the group hopes to be on television in Jonesboro and hopes to be doing Internet pay per views.

Polston says he has no heat with the owners of ASWF and wishes them well.

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